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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

EMS 2016 is the ninth release of EMS as a Gold Certified add-in to SolidWorks.
This is a major new release of the software that incorporates several new features at the meshing and pre-processing, solving and post-processing levels. 

Below are some of the new capabilities that have been added in this release to provide users with more comprehensive simulation options and a more complete set of results.


  • AC Electric Analysis. User can simulate electric problems involving AC voltages.

  • Thermal Analysis. Coupling to transient thermal simulation.

  • Coupling to motion: User can pre-select (or use auto-detect) the Band and movable parts at study definition page.

  • Coupling to Structural simulation. Real life problems in the domain of MEMS can now be tackled. Also thermal stress can be computed.

  • Parametric Analysis. New and improved design to parameterize geometry dimensions.


  • Improved Meshing: property manager pages. In addition to existing mesh controls on faces and components, which already give users complete control over the meshing process, new meshing features in EMS 2016 make meshing even faster and more robust. A new way of computing global element size has been added and mesh controls can now be applied to make the mesh coarser of finer. These features increase the mesher’s robustness considerably so that users will have more first time success in creating meshes.

Viewing Results

  • New results folder in case of motion, transient and parametric studies where user can create custom tables and 2D plots for the available parameters given as solver output. 

  • New way of creating, editing 3D and 2D plots. Added new options to create a contour line plot or overlay mesh in case of 3D plot. Improved animation of 3D plots with new options.

  • New results visualization for vector plots. All components of the results like X,Y,Z,XY,XZ..etc can be viewed as vectors.

User Interface

  • Tabbed property manager pagesEnable user to access all relevant properties in one page.

  • New EMS fly out menu when user selects geometry entities. Enable user to use on screen selection to apply materials, Loads/Restraints..etc. Convenient  for complicated geometry.

  • Upgraded version of EMS Feature manager tree view. New menu items that enable user to Isolate/Show/Hide materials items. Enable user to Suppress/Unsuppress defined pre-processor conditions (Coils, Forces..etc.)Also include/exclude postprocessor items in generating reports. Sorting Materials tree items based on applied materials.

  • Upgrade version of Material browser control. Added all relevant thermal and mechanical properties. Added temperature dependent materials.

  • Upgraded Function curve control. Added all relevant thermal and mechanical based curves.