Virtual Prototyping of 50kW High-Torque Wind Turbine

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Virtual Prototyping of 50kW High-Torque Wind Turbine

Direct drive, low speed, and high torque electrical machines heavily rely on large permanent magnets; such machines include generators for wind turbines, motors for ship propulsion, actuators for rudder applications, and cranes. Among all these applications, direct driven generators for wind turbines have seen a worldwide increase in demand due to their environmental friendliness, especially in Nordic regions where the wind is widely available. Wind turbines tend to be large, time consuming, and very costly to build. The classical trial-and-error or hit-or-miss methodology is futile and very costly.  Therefore, using simulation and virtual prototyping tools is crucial.

We used our virtual prototyping design motor/generator software tools, MotorWizard, EMWorks 2D, and EMS, to study and simulate a scaled version, from 3MW to 50 kW, high-torque and low speed wind turbine. We shall address various multi-physics aspects related to this PM turbine including motion, magnetic, and thermal. In this webinar you learn about this study and better understand how to model very large wind turbines.


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