Virtual Design Space Exploration (VDSE) Methods for Electrical Machines Application

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Virtual Design Space Exploration (VDSE) Methods for Electrical Machines Application

Electrical machines are the heart of industry consuming more than 60% of the world’s electricity. On the other hand, the need for Electrical machines with higher efficiency is forcing the engineering companies to challenge themselves and bring better solutions to meet the international standards. A crucial step in all research and development processes is to propose, study and analyze various design  scenarios to elevate the design and step up productivity.  

However, this task often takes a significant time due to the existence of numerous variables affecting the target design objectives. To mitigate this problem, different Virtual Design Space Exploration (VDSE) methods consisting of multiple computation strategies have been developed over the years providing time-efficient solutions during the development process of electrical machines.

In this webinar, we will present a review of VDSE methods such as Design of Experiment (DoE) techniques, Surrogate modeling, and optimization strategies. Moreover, we will investigate the concept of VDSE using EMWorks electromagnetic simulation software and solve an asymmetric interior permanent magnet (AIPM) motor design problem. In the end, we will demonstrate the efficiency of VDSE techniques in reducing design-to-market time and enhancing electrical machine design. 


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