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Simulating electromagnetic couplers in SOLIDWORKS using EMS

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Rotational permanent magnet couplers (PMC) are devices for torque transmission without any mechanical contact. They can be employed in several industrial applications such as conveyors, fans, pumps, and braking devices. PMCs offer other advantages such as no physical contact, soft starting, shock isolation, and misalignment tolerance, which provide better protection for mechanical systems.
Typically, there are two configurations of PMCs - axial and radial. In order to simulate these couplers, a 3-D magnetic field model needs to be solved either analytical or numerically. Numerical method using FEA provides more accurate solution and can cover a wide variety of geometries compared to analytical calculations.

In this webinar session, EMS for SOLIDWORKS will be used to model and study electromagnetic coupling machines. We will see how to use EMS along with SOLIDWORKS motion to perform coupled dynamic and EM simulation and generate both magnetic field and mechanical results including magnetic fields, eddy current losses, torques and forces.