Performance of Toyota, Nissan and Tesla Electric Motors using MotorWizard

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Performance of Toyota, Nissan and Tesla Electric Motors using MotorWizard

With the global trend towards electrification of transport, the interest in various configurations of electric motors is growing. Amongst them, permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) are widely used for electric vehicle (EVs) applications due to their distinctive benefits such as high torque and power density, smaller size, and high efficiency. The present trend suggests that EVs are likely to replace internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles soon in a few decades. In PMSM, the interior permanent magnet (IPM) machines appear to be the most prominent topology. As it produces the reluctance torque which increases the output torque of a machine due to the placement of the magnets inside the rotor core. It also has a better demagnetization withstand capability and offers a wide flux-weakening operation range. In this webinar, three different topologies of the IPMSMs are simulated and their performance is compared using MotorWizard. The motor topologies considered for the analysis are from Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model 3. To obtain reasonable comparative results, the rated torque and the power rating of a machine are kept the same. The performance curves such as back EMF, electromagnetic torque, torque ripple, efficiency, and losses are evaluated and compared.

In this webinar, we will also demonstrate the step-by-step procedure to use the template-based motor design software - MotorWizard to design an IPM machine. We shall show you how to set the geometry sizing, material selection, winding configuration, and obtain the steady-state results.


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