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Introduction to magnetic simulation inside Autodesk Inventor

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

In this webinar, we will introduce our electromagnetic simulation solution inside Autodesk Inventor. We will focus on two magnetic problems which will be solved using EMS for Inventor. The first simulation will cover the permanent magnet array and how the simulation can compute the forces and magnetic fields in and around the magnet array. The force on a ferromagnetic material in the vicinity of the magnet array will be calculated.

In the second simulation, we will work on a solenoid actuator. We will use a wound coil to generate the magnetic field in the actuator and study the forces acting on the movable plunger. We will also study the magnetic flux density distribution in the steel core and identify potential saturation areas. Join us to learn how you can design better magnetic devices using Autodesk Inventor and EMS for Inventor.