Design and Simulation of a Twist Waveguide Section

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Design and Simulation of a Twist Waveguide Section

Make sure that the twisting is accomplished in the correct manner!

Are you trying to design a waveguide twist? Are you facing the distortion of electric and magnetic field? Are you dealing with a lot of reflection and loss? Are you bothered by the long and expensive cycles of prototyping, measurement, redesigning and so on? The best way to approach these issues is to start by simulating a three dimensional structure with a full wave finite element based solver. This way, you can anticipate the performance of your design accurately then you can run some parametric studies and optimize your structure ; you will, also, obtain satisfactory results with a level of confidence that you will not need to fabricate several prototypes.

Join us for an engaging discussion about the design and simulation of a twist waveguide section. During this webinar, Dr. Alex Bost will share with you how you can use the capabilities of the duo HFWorks/SOLIDWORKS to have an efficient and successful design cycle.