Design and Simulation of a Differential Mode Wideband Band-pass Filter

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
02:00 PM EST, 07:00 PM GMT

In the world of microwave engineers, developing of a balanced RF front-end is an ongoing challenge. One of the most essential components in the high speed wireless communication system, due to their high immunity to the environmental noise and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) is the differential bandpass filter (BPF). Most of the on-chip systems rely on differential-mode operation with good common-mode suppression. If you are fed up with the long and expensive cycles of prototyping, measurement, redesigning and so on, you should know that the best way to approach these issues is to simulate the three dimensional structure with a full wave finite element based solver. This way you can anticipate the performance of your design accurately and then you can run some parametric studies and optimize your structure the way that you obtain your satisfactory results with a high level of confidence before even entering the phase of the prototyping.

Join EMWorks for an engaging discussion about the design and simulation of a Differential Mode Wideband Band-pass Filter, Dr. Alex Bost will share how you can use the capabilities of the duo of HFWorks and SOLIDWORKS to have an efficient and successful design cycle.  

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