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MotorWizard is template-driven motor design software for SOLIDWORKS users. Using its QuickCalculator, in few clicks, you can optimize your machine size and promptly obtain important motor design parameters such as torque, losses, back emf, flux density, efficiency, power, and temperature.

It is also equipped with two finite element electromagnetic computational kernels, EMWorks2D and EMS, for advanced and more intricate motor simulation and analysis for both 2D and 3D geometries.

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EMWorks 2D is a software for two-dimensional electromagnetic simulation, which enables you to test and improve your designs in record time. Having an intuitive workflow, EMWorks2D integrates seamlessly into the SOLIDWORKS environment, for a truly effortless and engaging simulation experience.

For maximum workflow efficiency, EMWorks 2D automatically prepares the selected cross-section of a SOLIDWORKS assembly for a planar or axis-symmetrical electromagnetic simulation.


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Application note

Electro-Magnetic or EM simulation is used to design and study the working of DC linear actuators. It helps to compute the force produced by the work coil, determinate the characteristic of the implemented spring, choose the right materials and optimize the geometric parameters of the actuator.

EMWorks provides both 2D and 3D FEM solutions fully embedded inside SOLIDWORKS. 2D FEM solution is recommended for initial iterative designs because it is quick to perform these types of simulations. A 3D FEM solution is used to confirm the final model parameters before finalizing the design and creating a prototype for field testing.

In this article several designs of DC actuators are analyzed using both EMWorks2D and EMS. Figure 1 shows the 2D meshed model of a linear DC actuator while Figure 2 shows the field lines plot of the magnetc flux density generated by the coil. Figure 3 illustrates a comparison of the force computed by EMWorks2D and ref [1]

Figure 3 : Force results versus air gap length.

Figure 1 : 2D meshed model of the DC actuator.

Figure 2 : Field lines plot of the magnetic flux.

Ref [1]: J. R. Brauer, Magnetic Actuators and Sensors: John Wiley & Sons, 2006.

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Blog post

WIRELESS CHARGING – Study and evaluate your concepts using SOLIDWORKS and EMS.

Figure 1: Magnetic flux density on the coils.


Science News

NASA Wants Its Deep Space Gateway Habitat To Orbit The Moon By 2024.

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