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Emmanuelle Rosati Azevedo, Aaron Knoll
Imperial College London

Magnetic Field Enhancement of the Quad Confinement Thruster

Ian Hunter, Ph.D.
Nucleus Scientific & MIT

Analysis of a Highly Nonlinear Lorentz Force Linear Motion Electromagnetic Actuator Using EMS

Peter Markowski
Envelope Power, Ansonia, Conn.

Magnetic component design - New generation of 3D electromagnetic finite element analysis software with breakthrough simplicity facilitates magnetic component design

Van Tai Nguyen* , Tien-Fu Lu
University of Adelaide

Analytical Expression of the Magnetic Field Created by a Permanent Magnet with Diametrical Magnetization

Biruk Gebre, Kishore Pochiraju
Stevens Institute of Technology

Modeling and machine learning aided analysis of a magnetically coupled ball-drive design

Ian Rouse
University of Basel

The electric potential generated in surface-electrode ion traps: a comparison between an analytical model and finite-element methods

Sean Francis and Soojin Jun
University of Hawaii

Design and Optimization of a Solenoid for Magnetic Field Treatment Using Finite Element Analysis

Matthew Libersky
California Institute of Technology

Three-loop two-gap resonator simulation in HFWorks

Mihir Pewekar
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

Analysis of Active Magnetic Bearings