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  • Alessandro Puliero, Research & Development
    Alessandro Puliero, Research & Development

    "Part of Southern States group since 2004, we are now the world leader in the field of disconnectors and switchers. The roots of our history are nearly one century old, which guarantees the highest level of experience. From 3 industrial sites, we bring the right solution to hundreds of customers in the world. The Research & Development Department uses the EMS to optimize our products"

  • Ali Bostani, Ph.D. Microwave Specialist
    Ali Bostani, Ph.D. Microwave Specialist

    At SCP Science, we produce industrial microwave heating systems. We have been using HFWorks since 2012 to design  antennas for microwave heating, RF traps, couplers for our reflectometers, and coaxial-waveguide transitions. Most of these designs were fabricated and the measurement results closely match the simulation results obtained from HFWorks. Being fully embedded inside SolidWorks, HFWorks has given us a distinct advantage. We did not need to export the assemblies to create drawings needed for the machine shop.

    We have been using the Antenna and the S-Parameter features of the software. We are particularly pleased with the speed of the fast sweep. We also found the technical support provided by EMWorks prompt and professional.

  • Oleg Lyan and  Vincent Monet - Students
    Oleg Lyan and Vincent Monet - Students
    Klaipedos Universitetas

    In our bachelor thesis, a patented “bifilar” coil (BC) type permanent magnet generator (PMG) is constructed for scientific research. The features, working principle and elements of the BCPMG are analyzed.

    The BCPMG is developed from the iron-cored “bifilar” coil topology based on Aleksas Pašilis's and Eleonora Guseinovien's patent (Lithuania) in an attempt to overcome the problems with current rotary type Generators, which have so far been dominant on the market.

    One of the problems is Armature Reactance, which is usually bigger than Resistance.

    The circumstance creates difficulties for designers and operators of the Generator.

    "...That is why patented technology is offered to partially remove or absolutely neglect the reactance of the machine. We used The Simulation Software EMS:

    To get to the flow direction of the Magnetic Flux Densities through the system, which the same is as expected to be.

    To test to a real machine. We found the opportunity of the motion simulation, but there wasn't much time for that investigation.

    We have made only a 1/5 sector of the generator to keep the resources at minimum.

    We used also a Finite Element Magnetic Model (FEMM) to visualize the effects of the system.

    To visualize the effects of the 3 phase current to the flow of flux and densities on the system."


  • Stanley Chun Wee - Student
    Stanley Chun Wee - Student
    University of Western Australia


    "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use the ElectroMagneticWorks add-in on SolidWorks. It has been amazing to experiment with.

    The simplicity and intuitiveness of the software made it a very rewarding experience when simulating my model for the purpose of writing my dissertation to which I have given full credit to EMS. Although it might seem intimidating to use at first, the tutorials proved to be the ultimate savior.

    I have truly learned a lot from this software. Knowledge that are taught in the book were only found to be true to a certain extent and it has gave me a new insight in dealing with electromagnetic designs which I have included in my dissertation.

    Keep up the good work."