EMWorks Educational Licenses

EMWorks offers educational licenses to educators and their students to facilitate teaching and learning

EMWorks For Educators and Academic Institutions

Eletromagnetics and related topics are challenging subjects for professors to teach and for students to learn. EMWorks has decades of experience in this field and has built its leading field simulation products with academic users in mind. With the help of EMWorks simulation tools, teachers can make the learning process more interactive and accessible to students by creating a virtual experimental environment to accompany theoretical content of lectures.


Because our software is embedded in the leading 3D CAD package SOLIDWORKS, teachers and students can go beyond typical text book problems and explore real-life physical systems. Real-life models can be easily created inside SOLIDWORKS or obtained from immense libraries of free 3D SOLIDWORKS files such as grabcad.com, www.3dcontentcentral.com, and www.traceparts.com.

Educational License

EMWorks offers educational license for both its EMS (low frequency) and HFWorks (high frequency) simulation packages. The educational version of our software has the full set of capabilities as the commercial one used by professional engineers and designers. Educational institutions that already have SOLIDWORKS installed can obtain a full version of our software at no cost. Those who do not have SOLIDWORKS can obtain a bundled SOLIDWORKS/EMWorks package at minimal cost.

Value for Educators

Give your students valuable skills

Help your students acquire hands-on experience with tools they need for successful engineering career:

-3D CAD Modeling

SOLIDWORKS is the environment in which EMWorks operates. This symbiosis allows students to acquire 3D CAD skills.

-Field Simulation

Electromagnetic field simulation skills have an increasing importance for electrical engineers in various industries. EMWorks packages provide students an engaging platform to acquire these skills.

-Multi-physics Simulation

Real world circuits and devices must meet strict thermal and structural requirements. EMWorks tools initiate students to coupled motion, thermal and thermal stress simulations.

Easy license deployment

EMWorks educational licenses are designed to be seamlessly employed in a multi-seat, classroom setting. They are easy to set up and insure seamless user check-in and check-out from a license server.

Support existing courses

EMS and HFWorks are easy to learn and students require only a minimal training before they are up to speed with the simulation workflow. Courses that can benefit from using the software include:

-Electromagnetic Wave Theory
-Power Transformers
-Rotating Machines

Ready instructional resources

Explore our free learning resources. Our model library showcases some of the characteristic electromagnetic simulation problems. Tutorial models take you step by step through the process of setting up a simulation from start to finish.

Need help creating your own resources?

We are committed to supporting the educational community develop and deploy new educational material using the SOLIDWORKS/EMWorks platform. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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