Virtual User Conference

October 27-28, 2021

About The Conference

About The Conference

EMWorks invites you to Montreal to attend our annual user conference. The event is a unique opportunity to learn more about your simulation tools in a relaxed and interactive environment, and reconnect with the rest of the EMWorks community. Whether you come from industry or academia, whether you are an advanced user or just getting started, you will benefit from attending.

EMWorks conference is a two-day event with an optional third day for sightseeing. The first day is reserved for presentations from our customers and partners, followed by the hands-on training on the second day. The third day will be dedicated to a day-trip to the beautiful Village of Mont-Tremblant, situated approximately two hours north of Montreal.

Preliminary Schedule

Schedule will be announce shortly

Schedule will be announce shortly


All the attendees will have access to the following:

  • Presentation sessions
  • Training course
  • Lunch and snack breaks
  • Organized transportation for the day-trip to Mont Tremblant



We do not disclose your contact info to any vendor or a third party.

  • 150 Montreal-Toronto Blvd, Suite 120, Montreal, Quebec, H8S 4L8, Canada.
  • +1 (800) 397 1557
  • info@emworks.com