EMWorks Xpress

BayAnn Jlidy, 5 years ago

ElectromagneticWorks will release its first version of EMWorks Xpress which is free and fully functional first-pass electromagnetic simulation tool.  You can use EMWorks Xpress to perform basic electrostatic, magnetotstatic, and S-parameters analysis.  You can easily study the effect of voltages on insulators, permanent magnets and coils on ferromagnetic core, and the frequency response of RF and Microwave devices.  You can quickly determine and visualize design parameters such as electric field, voltage, magnetic flux density, magnetic field, and scattering parameters as well as generate both html and Word reports to document your work.  Being free of charge, EMWorks Xpress has several limitations but enough to carry out basic analysis and have a feel of the unlimited versions of the company flagship products EMS and HFworks.

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