What can EMS/ Electrostatic module address?

The Electrostatic module can help study a large number of devices and address numerous insulating and conducting phenomena. Below is just a partial list:

• Avoid rapid reduction in the resistance of an electrical insulator, that can lead to a spark jumping around or through the insulator, i.e. dielectric breakdown. This phenomenon is common in high voltage and high power applications.
• Avoid the ionization of a fluid surrounding a conductor, i.e. corona effect, in some applications such as power transmission equipments, transformers, capacitors, electric motors and generators.
• Produce corona in some other applications such as the manufacturing of ozone, scrubbing particles from air in applications such as air-conditioning systems, in nitrogen laser, when removing the unwanted electric charges from the surface of aircraft in flight, and in electrostatic copying.
• Assure that a high voltage machine is properly grounded.
• Reduce the electrostatic discharge in PCB and electronic designs.
• Assure the proper actuation force in MEMS and RF-MEMS designs.
• Avoid cross talk and distortion in electronic devices.
• Assure that a charged particle follows a desired trajectory.
• Compute the capacitance matrix, i.e. self capacitance and mutual capacitance, for high-speed electronic circuits and interconnects.
• Compute the electric field, electric flux, and voltage in insulators and around conductors.

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