Low and High Frequency Electromagnetic?

David Lee, 5 years ago
There are two major sub-domains in electromagnetics: low-frequency and high-frequency domains. Both domains are governed by Maxwell's equations. 

The low-frequency domain includes the major part of the electromagnetic devices such as bushing, insulators, circuit breakers, power generators, transformers, electric motors, capacitors, magnetic levitation devices, synchronous machines, DC machines, permanent magnet motors, actuators, solenoids, etc.   Use EMS for these applications.

Strictly speaking, any application in which displacement currents are negligible can be classified as low-frequency. The absence of the displacement currents de-couples the electric and magnetic fields and the situation becomes static. 

The high-frequency domain includes the study of electromagnetic waves and propagation of energy through matter. It may be some times difficult to distinguish between high-frequency and low frequency. Nevertheless, we can generally say that electromagnetic fields in which the displacement currents cannot be neglected belong to the high-frequency domain. The displacement currents couple the electric and magnetic fields to each other and the situation becomes fully dynamic. Examples of devices that use high-frequency include antennas, waveguides, transmission lines, filters, couplers, dielectric resonators, etc.  Use HFWorks for these applications.