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How to Design an Efficient and Reliable CubeSat System?


For many years, conventional satellites were the only option for the space industry. Satellites consume high power, cost millions of dollars, and take several years to manufacture. Hence, they have been always fabricated by large companies and government organizations. In contrast, Cube Satellites (CubeSats) have gained popularity over the last few years as they are lightweight and can be built using commercial off-the-shelf components. Therefore, they became accessible to the public and provide a cost-effective alternative for space missions. Just like any satellite, CubeSats consist of an antenna and radio communication system.

Amine Boussada | 01/09/2022

Design and Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer Charger for Electric Vehicles


In simple terms, wireless power transfer is the transmission of electric power without any direct physical wire or cable connections. The power transfer is usually based on the technology that utilizes electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields. WPT happens by creating an alternating magnetic field on the transmitter coil.

Majdi EL Fahem | 28/07/2022

IS Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) the Future of Electric Vehicles?


Switched reluctance motor “SRM” also called variable reluctance motor is gaining interest in industrial applications such as electric vehicles and wind energy systems due to its simple and rugged construction. SRMs have better efficiency, better reliability, high fault tolerance, high constant power speed ratio (CPSR), and resistance to high temperatures compared with other types of motors such as induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, and brushless DC motors.

Sumeet Singh | 21/07/2022

How to Design an Efficient Terahertz Filter?


The remarkable explosion of wireless devices and bandwidth-consuming Internet applications have boosted the demand for ultra-high data rate wireless communication. To meet the exponentially increasing traffic demand, new regions in the radio spectrum are explored.

Amine Boussada | 20/07/2022

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