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Inductive Proximity Sensor for position detection

Simulation of a proximity sensor to compute inductance change.

Inductance Capacitance and Resistance of a PCB structure

Inductance, Capacitance, DC and AC Resistance of PCB are calculated.

Alternating Current Field Measurement

Alternating current field measurement (ACFM) is an electromagnetic tec...

Capacitance calculation for a parallel plate capacitor

Capacitance calculation using EMS for a parallel place capacitor. In t...

Two Layers Dielectric Cylinder in a Homogeneous Field

A validated simulation of two layers dielectric cylinder in a homogene...

Linear Solenoid Actuator

A MagnetoStatic study of a solenoid coupled with Motion. The study inv...

DC Solenoid (TEAM 20)

A DC solenoid with a steel plunger

AC Transformer

An AC transformer is analyzed using the AC magnetic module of EMS to d...