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A stripline conductor

A stipline example

Capacitance Calculator for VLSI

The capacitance calculator in EMS shows how to calculate capacitance for 3-D Int...

Two Layers Dielectric Cylinder in a Homogeneous Field

A validated simulation of two layers dielectric cylinder in a homogeneous field.

Magnetic Coupling Machine

Permanent magnet arrays in the form of a steel rotor containing 12 permanent mag...

Magnetic Lifting Machine

A lifting machine is a magnetized set of steel components that act as electromag...

Brushless DC Motor

A brushless DC motor, with eight (8) permanent magnets surrounding the steel rot...

Power Line Insulator

In this example an insulator from a three-phase power line is examined. The elec...

DC Solenoid (TEAM 20)

A DC solenoid with a steel plunger

3-phase transformer

Three-phase transformer: The primary coils for each phase are characterized by (...