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Simulation software for high voltage and high power applications including transformers, switchgears, insulators, bushings, and cables.

Multi-physics software and simulation package. A coupling between electromagnetic, thermal, and structural fields to compute temperature, stress, and displacement.

Simulation software to design wireless, microwave, and RF components inside SolidWorks and compute s-parameters and fields.

Electromagnetic field software for electronics design applications: package, chips, PCBs, connectors, heat sinks, CPUs, SIPs, ICs.

Simulation software to compute magnetic force and field due to magnets and magnet arrays including halbach array in SolidWorks.

Simulation software for magnetic, variable reluctance, inductive, eddy current, capacitive, NDT, NDE,Hall Effect Sensor, and touchscreen sensors.

Antenna software for all kind including tv antenna and a digital antenna to compute antenna gain and power in SolidWorks

Simulation software for electric motor & generator design including brushless DC, induction, SRM, claw pole, permanent magnet, and synchronous motors

Biomedical engineering software to design medical devices and study the effect of EMF exposure on human health.

Electromagnetic software to to simulate various parts and components used in hybrid and electric vehicles, such as battery, charger, antenna, and electric motor.