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HFWorks is a fully 3-Dimensional field simulator for RF/Microwave and Wireless applications, based on the powerful finite element method. Currently, it is the only high frequency electromagnetic Add-in to SolidWorks®, the #1 CAD package. HFWorks is Gold Certified by SolidWorks® Corporation and includes three main solvers: Antennas, S-parameters, and Resonance. It covers a wide range of applications such as dielectric resonators, high Q filters, oscillators, tuning elements, matching circuits, waveguide twists and bends, waveguide tees, directional couplers, isolators, circulators, attenuators, antennas and feeds, accelerators, connectors, IC packages, RF coils, EMI emissions, EMC coupling, RF MEMS, chip-package-boards, PCBs, etc. HFWorks empowers you to gain physical insight into the performance of your design through the computation of important parameters such as resonance frequency, dielectric and conductor quality factors, scattering matrix, antenna pattern, antenna gain and directivity, impedance, admittance, VSWR, propagation parameters, field eigenvalues, far fields, electric and magnetic fields, SAR, etc. Whether you design circuit components or antennas, whether you use planar circuit technologies, standard waveguides or dielectric guides, whether you are interested in frequency responses of antennas and circuits, resonance behaviour, EMI or EMC, HFWorks covers your needs.

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